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I’m guessing that:

You’re a smart, successful woman… on the outside; but on the inside, you long for something more.

While waking up to the same day over and over again feels like being stuck in a revolving door, you’re secretly scared to do anything else.

You wonder, “Without my symbols of success, who would I be?”

You can’t remember the last time you stepped off the merry-go-round, found your footing, and examined your life. You aren’t even sure you know what you truly think, feel, and believe anymore.

If Part of You Deeply Connects With Any of These, You Are In the Right Place

All the struggle and strife of trying to ‘fix’ your life isn’t going to stop until you look inward.

It all begins with you!

Bringing my own experience, creativity, and vulnerability to our partnership, let’s discover & develop your own rules so that nothing will stop you from living life the way YOU want.

Private Coaching

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Virtual Group Programs

Becoming Bodacious, 6 wk live group coaching program for women. STOP doubting, Start Believing

Registration is open. We begin September 11th. Please click the button to the right for all the details & registration.

Bodacious Women's Group

Starting at the end of September, 2019. Details will be rolling out soon. There's only 10 spaces for this magical experience. Don't miss your chance to grab  one of the spots. 

Here's what one woman shared recently from the last session of women's group.

My 'scientific' brain keeps trying to figure out what the process is that happens when we meet in our group...and guess what, I can't articulate it! Shaping at the point of utterance (I love that phrase), I just realized it is MAGIC and I don't need to understand the how or what or why and that in our circle I can just BE.
I have heard you say often that people come into our lives at the right time. You certainly came into mine at my right time.
Carole P.

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I had the pleasure of working with Beth for several months. It was a wonderful, transformative experience. Beth helped me identify similarities and triggers associated with some of the situations I was facing and how I reacted to those situations. She also guided me towards options for coping skills and techniques.

This was and continues to be extremely helpful because I can now walk myself through a situation rather than freezing or melting down as I may have done in the past.

Beth also helped me become more aware of that negative voice to which I was giving too much power and provided techniques for overcoming that voice. Through working with Beth I got a greater sense of my core values and the very special role they play in my decisions, plans and actions.


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