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A truly magical day! “A day for me” after the busy holidays is just what I needed to get focused and clear for the year to come.

I have been creating vision boards for years and this experience was like no other.  This workshop and the follow up session with Beth has allowed me to manifest so much magic into my life. Forever grateful!

Caelin Nadin


Vision Board Workshop – January 2019


A whole day dedicated to you and what you want to attract in your life.

Be radiant
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Vision Board Workshop – January 2019


A whole day dedicated to you and what you want to attract in your life.

Be radiant

What people say about Beth

"When Beth gathers women together for Bodacious Voices, she creates something quite special: A secure space to talk about what's on our minds and dip into some of the thinking and behaviour that might be holding us back — all while keeping a sense of fun and laughter. She has a talent for handling what can be serious topics with a light touch, so you can participate at your own level and your own pace. Whether you're more of a talker or a listener, it's all okay. Beth also makes it easy to connect with new people, taking much of the awkwardness out of first conversations with thoughtful prompts that focus on who we are as people, not what we do for a living. It's refreshing!" Erin Casey

"Bodacious Voices is Bodacious Wow for me. I have attended Bodacious Voices since September and always wonder how one evening can top the other yet each time my expectations are blown out of the water. Beth has done an amazing job of bringing women together in the most unique way of sharing through storytelling. Beth exudes compassion and makes one feel safe and heard in a fun, confidential, supportive and warm environment. Women speaking their truths surrounded by non judgemental supportive women is so empowering." Seanne Meldrum

"The vision board workshop had a profound impact on my life by giving me the courage to create the life I wanted. Shortly after the workshop, when offered a promotion, I quit my job instead. Now I work for them as a consultant and have other clients as well."

"Beth is gifted at creating a safe space. Her visualizations allowed me to get in touch with a joyful, fun loving part of myself that I had forgotten about and how to access it going forward." Jennifer Carter

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about Beth

Beth’s fiercely courageous life has been built on the premise of don’t settle. She is a survivor who has beaten the odds by taking charge of her own destiny.

From finance, to film, to successful entrepreneur, Beth has always lived life driven by her own rules. Her innate ability to make things happen & ‘get it done’ has lead her to founding “The Bodacious Way.”

Beth, a CPCC, champions women to uncover what’s beneath the stories they tell themselves that keep them living a life less than they desire.

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