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Years ago, in the Downton Abbey era, a well-regarded captain stood on the bridge of a British battleship, watching the sun set across the sea. As the story goes, the captain was about to head below for dinner when a lookout suddenly announced, “Light, sir. Dead ahead two miles.” The captain turned back toward the helm. “Is it steady or moving?” he asked, these being the days before radar. “Steady, Captain.”  “Then signal that ship,” the captain ordered gruffly. “Tell them, You are on a collision course. Alter course twenty degrees.”  The answer, from the source of the light, came back moments later: “Advisable you change your course twenty degrees.”

The captain was insulted. Not only was his authority being challenged, but also it was being done in front of a junior seaman!  “Send another message,” he snarled. “‘We are HMS Defiant, a thirty-five thousand-ton battleship of the dreadnaught class. Change course twenty degrees.”  “Brilliant sir,” came the reply. “I’m Seaman O’Reilly of the second class. Change your course immediately.”  Apoplectic and red in the face, the captain shouted. “We are the flagship of Admiral Sir William Atkinson-Willes! CHANGE YOUR COURSE TWENTY DEGREES!”

There was a moment of silence before Seaman O’Reilly replied, “We are a lighthouse sir.”

This exert is taken from the book written by Susan David, PhD, Emotional Agility.

Do you ever have those moments in your life where the fog lifts & you see so clearly that it blows your mind?

I’ve been quoting a paragraph on acceptance from this book for a couple of years. I decided it was time to buy it. The exert above is the opening page. Needless to say, I’m hooked. 😆 It’s funny that I used hooked, because that captain was hooked.

It’s summer, a time for enjoying long days, warm weather, visits to the beach or cottage. I’m picturing a pitcher of sangria, a patio by the ocean & a group of girlfriends laughing & enjoying each others company. There’s nothing that needs to get done, only having fun. I hope you have a few of these nights scheduled.

Ok, back to the captain for a sec.

You’re the captain in your life, me too. Part of why I do what I do is because I’m always learning. I love to share my journey & what I learn as a narrative for you to reflect on your life. I believe the more we, as women, can share our journeys with each other, the better equipped we’ll be when life gets challenging.

Where are you being like the captain? I’ve never been obstinate about anything, ever. (Did you see my nose grow about 2 ft long)

Alight, I’m about to do a total geek out with my love for science fiction. Stay with me here.

Who’s watched the series, Firefly? Zoe was the voice of reason behind Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Spock was that for Captain Kirk, Willow played that role for Buffy.

We all need that person, the one that champions us, helps us course correct. The one that can lend a hand when it feels like it’s too much. I like to think of her as the Vision keeper. I have one, well, a few in fact. I have a coach & I have a Cecily. Everyone needs a Cecily in their lives. She doesn’t let me beat myself up. She sees objectively & she’s not afraid to share her thoughts.

I like to think of myself as Zoe, Spock & Willow all rolled up in a Bodacious package.

Where do you want to go in your life? Do you wake up every morning, like you did when you were young, excited to start your day? Or, do you wake up thinking about everything you wish were different in your life?

I’ve been there. Hell, I still go there some mornings. The difference today is that I’ve learned to recognize it & I’ve got the tools to course correct.

What are you waiting for? I would love to be your champion.

Ready to change your course? Book a Bodacious Conversation with me. It’s my birthday month and I’ve created space for 2 women to embark on a 6 month journey.


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