Are you one of the amazing women that participated in my survey and answered that you wanted more self care in your life?

I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve spent the past couple of months listening and asking a lot of women what they want most in their lives. Over 53% of everyone I surveyed, or spoke to, said that Self Care was what they wanted to grow most.

I’m beyond excited to be offering this new workshop.  This is open to the first 12 women that enroll. Because this is the first time I’m offering this content, there is a one time introduction rate for everything. This workshop will never be offered for this price again.

“Each one of us is exquisite and if each one of us doesn’t take care of ourselves, then who will?” Shannon Kelly

“I look at self care much like they do on an airplane when they’re talking about the oxygen masks. Always put your mask on first before you help another.” Sabrina Davis

“Acknowledge that your self care at this moment is the absolute best you can do, And then know that you’re always learning.” Ann Sullivan



Are you tired of those incessant voices in your head always telling you it’s not quite right, or you could have done better, or you don’t have time to take care of you?

Are you looking for your tribe of women to lean into for support, championing, connection and accountability?

Are you curious to learn the antidote for self-judgement?


Here are the details:

  • 6 live calls
  • Dates: Jan 4, Jan 11, Jan 18, Feb 1 and Feb 15 and Feb 22
  • Time:  6:30 – 7:45pm EST
  • Location: Zoom
  • A private Facebook group where we’ll champion, support, share stories and hold each other accountable.
  • One-on-one private coaching session with Beth
  • Weekly themes along with assignments
  • And, lots of surprises along the way.

What you’ll take away:

  • A deep sense of what self care means to you
  • A self care practice
  • A sacred connection with like minded women
  • Knowing when you’re separated from yourself and how to recover
  • Being able to distinguish the difference between self care & self indulgence
  • Learning to recognize those incessant voices and how to change the internal conversation

Cost: $97.00 CAD



Do you have questions? Would you like to speak with me. Respond here


Beth’s fiercely courageous life has been built on the premise of don’t settle. She is a survivor who has beaten the odds by taking charge of her own destiny.

It’s her life’s passion to remind women to be who they really are. Bold, Bodacious and Beautiful. Her personal narrative explores who you are without all the labels and beliefs you’ve assumed along the way.

Beth is a motivational speaker, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a Wonder Woman.

Curiosity is a key ingredient that motivates Beth to explore her creative side as a quilter. Being creative has offered freedom & confidence from a life of endless ‘to-do’ lists and never enoughness to living more passionately then ever imagined.

What people are saying about working with Beth:

“I had the pleasure of working with Beth for several months.  It was wonderful, transformative experience.
Beth helped me identify similarities and triggers associated with some of the situations I was facing and how I reacted to those situations. She also guided me towards options for coping skills and techniques. This was and continues to be extremely helpful because I can now walk myself through a situation rather than freezing or melting down as I may have done in the past.
Beth also helped me become more aware of that negative voice to which I was giving too much power and provided techniques for overcoming that voice.. Through working with Beth I got a greater sense of my core values and the very special role they play in my decisions, plans and actions.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Beth over the past year and a half. As a solo entrepreneur, it is very important to have someone with Beth’s keen insight to help work through the mind clutter and get to the heart of what matters. I have found our coaching sessions to be beneficial for both personal satisfaction and clarity in my business. “

Louise Racine Thirteen Moons

about Beth

Beth’s fiercely courageous life has been built on the premise of don’t settle. She is a survivor who has beaten the odds by taking charge of her own destiny.

From finance, to film, to successful entrepreneur, Beth has always lived life driven by her own rules. Her innate ability to make things happen & ‘get it done’ has lead her to founding “My Bare Naked Journey.” Her personal narrative explores who you are without all the labels & beliefs you’ve assumed along the way.

Beth, a CPCC, partners with women to move them from a life of never enoughness (yes, that’s a word in her dictionary) to the place that their hearts run free unapologetically.

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