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Oh the lies we tell ourselves!

I had a coffee date with a new friend last week. We were getting together to talk about self care. She started out by offering me the most amazing feedback I have ever received about my website. It felt amazing that someone finally acknowledged the impact I wanted to create. I thanked her from the bottom of my heart and then shared the fact(?) that she was the first person to ever do that. And then I went on to share that I had never had an ROI from my site, not one. Forward to less then 5 minutes later & I shared that women had registered for my Vision Board workshop in January, through my website.

HOLY SHIT!! I just lied. And what’s crazy is that I actually believed what I’d said.

Have you ever said something and then realized that what you said isn’t true?

Andrea Chute, of Lower Sackville Yoga, & I had an amazing conversation AND we have some exciting news to share about a workshop we’re co-creating in January. Stay tuned!

Ok, back to the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we believe that aren’t even ours!

I have a lie that I’ve believed since kindergarten. My teacher wrote on my report card, Beth tends to be bossy. My parents translated it into Beth is too much.

I used to pride myself on my abilities of being able to perceive what others wanted. I called it a super power. I could out think anyone. I could see the whole picture and I knew what needed to be done.

What I didn’t realize I was doing, was thinking about everyone & everything else, and forgetting me. I never considered my thoughts, or desires, it just mattered that I fit in and that everything went smoothly. I didn’t want to be blamed for something going wrong.

As I write this morning, my heart is sad for how lonely I was and so starved for love. I was so busy trying to fit in and belong, that I never even considered who I was or where I wanted to belong.

Trace back in your life, is there something that was said to you that you’ve held onto & decided it must be true? Consider the impact it’s had on your life.

I have a super duper, over-achieving, perfectionist driven critical voice that lives in my head. Yes, this is what I used to call a super power. I also refer to it as my inner judge.

Here comes the fun part! I really mean it.

First, I throw that crazy judgemental critical voice out. I know it’s sole purpose is to try & make me safe by lying to me.

Then, I stop and listen.

I’d like to introduce you to my new friend that lives in my heart. She’s my nurturing voice. She wants what’s best for me. She loves me unconditionally and I’m learning she can also be the discerning voice that stops me when my choices aren’t serving my highest good.

I want what’s best for YOU!

If you would like to talk more about a belief that you would like to change, please respond, I would love to speak with you. Email Beth

If you’re ready to take that critical voice that’s constantly chattering away in your head and learn to silence it, then I would love for you to join this 6 part tele-class workshop on Self-Care.

Follow this link for the details: Self Care, It begins with you

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What is one thing you can do differently today that would be an act of Self care?

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