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Hineni – I am READY!

Who would have known that 2 simple words could hold such a charge for so many!


I won’t torture you with Bob Newhart again as I’m sure you’ve got an old voice that’s been playing on an endless loop, inside your mind, for years and years.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“Don’t do that” “Why’d you say that, what are they going to think now?”

“I’m smart, so why can’t I figure this out? I don’t even know what ‘this is.”


What’s your favourite couch outfit? You know, the one you put on Friday night when you finally get home from the office and you have no place to be or anything to do? You pick up the phone to order in, you can’t wait for dinner to arrive. You’ve been dying to take a night off and watch a couple episodes of the Santa Clara Diet. Who doesn’t love Drew Barrymore?

Are you with me? Feeling like you wished it was already Friday?


Struggle is like that outfit you put on Friday night.

Struggle is like that security blanket that little children hold onto for dear life. There’s comfort in what you know versus what you don’t know.

It’s week 2 and I want you to really meet your friend struggle. She/He is the whole reason you’re feeling stuck and questioning everything.

We learn habits when we’re young and then we do our best to perfect them as we grow up. There’s the good habits, exercise, eat properly. Then there’s all the other habits we learn, work hard, work really hard, get the job of your dreams, or at least it used to be your dream. You’re not so sure anymore. I won’t even mention the control word or that never ending ‘to do’ list that wakes you up in the middle of the night.

I want you to know You are NOT Alone!

I lead a Women’s Group that meets in person twice a month. The most powerful magic that I get to see every time we meet is how they each relate to what the other is saying. There’s nothing better than hearing the thoughts that live inside your head be shared by another woman. And then to hold that space, not to fix, not to solve, but just to experience how much we’ve been holding onto something, without even realizing it. That’s where transformation begins, in letting it out.

Last week was all about stopping and noticing.

This week, continue stopping and noticing. Only now bring in your awareness to play along.

You are NOT your thoughts. You are the AWARENESS of your thoughts.

And, it’s your thoughts that are keeping you from living the life I know you want to live.

“If I can just nail this presentation, then everything will be ok.” or some version of that belief.

We tell ourselves that in order to be rewarded or loved, that we have to perform, show up in the world in a specific way. It’s such a lie.

I titled this weeks blog, Hineni - I am Ready.

I KNOW you’re ready and I promise you this is the way.

Please keep me posted! I loved the feedback and I loved being able to redirect and champion you!  Reply here! What are you learning? What would you like to share?

I’ll be back next week with step 3!

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