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It’s the eve of my last day of being 52 years old. Holy cow!! (Please insert the word I really used if you like.)

I’m struck by how little I stop doing & just celebrate.

Why does it take a birthday or the end of the year or whatever for us to take a moment, or a day, and honour ourselves for the awesome women we are?

Back in 2013 I met Robbin Jorgensen. I fell in love with her immediately. I loved her energy & passion for what she wanted to create in the world. Here’s a link to the amazing work she does. . A couple of months after we’d met there was a launch on social media of pictures for a project she’d done. OMG!!!! I was blown away by what the camera had caught in the essence of Robbin. Right away I knew one day I would do the Revelation Project myself.

It took a couple of years to get there but in June 2015 I traveled to Rhode Island for my Revelation Project.

I was ready to be seen AND I was curious to know what would be revealed.

I can’t tell you much about the day, as it would ruin it for you. That is, if you get inspired to one day discover for yourself the beauty that we all see in you. (wink)

What I can tell you is I didn’t get to see any of the pictures taken that day. I had to wait until they were launched on social media. I was sitting in my car when I saw them on Facebook. I cried looking at each picture.

For the first time in my life I saw my beauty. For the first time in my life I loved every aspect of every picture of me. I can still connect to it now, a year later. That’s the power of this incredible gift.

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Have you ever felt so pretty in a moment that it made you giggle. That was this moment for me. I had just put on my dress & walked out from behind the curtain. Kim, Monica & Andrea were waiting for me. I could see the image of me in their eyes & it made me feel like a little girl.

I’m sure you’ve noticed other images around my website. They’re all from my Revelation Project.

What I haven’t shared was the last series we had shot.

I knew last year that I wanted to start a blog called My Bare Naked Journey. I wanted to have a picture of me taken with nothing on but my quilt that I had made wrapping me. I promise to show you that image before I finish this post. But first!!

The details of how I ended up being spun in gossamer are long forgotten, what isn’t is the memory of what I experienced. I felt a little like a new born calf, a little unsure of it’s footing. I had to stretch beyond anything I knew.

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Have you ever felt so right in a moment that it didn’t matter what your brain was thinking?

I found me & the freedom to express all of me while I was wrapped in gossamer. It’s a gift I wish for every woman to know for herself.

Curious to see the rest of the images? Beth’s Revelation Project

Or, maybe you’d like to celebrate you by doing the Revelation Project yourself? The Revelation Project

Back to celebration!!

What do you want to celebrate in your life?

RP1G0312 copyToday I’m celebrating all I accomplished in the last year!

I’m also celebrating my failures. Without them, I wouldn’t learn.

We learn wisdom from failure more than success. We often discover what we WILL do, by finding out what we will NOT do. Samuel Smiles



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