Years ago, in the Downton Abbey era, a well-regarded captain stood on the bridge of a British battleship, watching the sun set across the sea. As the story goes, the captain was about to head below for dinner when a lookout suddenly announced, “Light, sir. Dead ahead two miles.” The captain turned back toward the […] Read more

I’ve always professed that if someone would only give me the answers, then I’d be able to fix whatever’s wrong with my life. I have this inner radar that’s paying close attention to everything that’s being said, by everyone; my coach, my clients, the internet. If I could just figure out what’s wrong, then I […] Read more

I love watching how my clients imaginations get sparked. There’s a saying that just popped into my head. The teacher will appear when you’re ready to learn. We have the choice of looking at every situation in our lives in 2 ways; as something that’s happening to us or as an opportunity to learn. What […] Read more

Who would have known that 2 simple words could hold such a charge for so many! STOP IT!! I won’t torture you with Bob Newhart again as I’m sure you’ve got an old voice that’s been playing on an endless loop, inside your mind, for years and years. Do any of these sound familiar? “Don’t […] Read more

Picture this. I’m sitting in the office of my amazing corporate client last week. I’ve got an agenda for our meeting. She’s out of town this week and I want to be productive. Got it? Ok! The next thing I know she’s showing me this Youtube video titled Stop it. Here I was on the […] Read more

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