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Do you remember the midway game where you take a sledgehammer & hit a mark to see how high you could get the red button to go? If you hit it in the sweet spot you would get to see lights go off & sound effects.

I’m curious! If you were to play that game using how Bodacious you’re being in your life, How high would the red button go? Let’s say 10 makes the lights go off & bells ring.

For me, it slides up and down. I have moments of experiencing freedom and then my brain steps in and says, “you’re not doing enough” and “why aren’t things happening faster?”

Let’s take a step back & look at Bodacious again.


The Urban Dictionary describes bodacious as ‘Bravery in Action.’ It goes on to give Joan of Arc as an example of Bodacious. What I love is, 1st, the example is a woman, and 2nd, what a powerful picture to demonstrate bravery in one’s life. I’m sure she had moments of asking herself why & letting the questions of others get into her mind. She didn’t let the influence of others stop her from what she knew to be her mission in life. She listened to a calling that came from within.

As I think about what her life must have been like, I imagine how scared she must have been at times and yet it didn’t stop her. She’s not the only woman in history that exemplified bodaciousness.

Malala Yousafzai is a woman living Bodaciously today. You can learn more about her here:

What do these women have in common?


I’ve used two very prominent women as examples. Courage doesn’t have to be on the scale of these women. Courage can be leaving a relationship that’s already ended; having a difficult conversation; walking into a room full of strangers; trying something new, asking for help; maybe it’s choosing to eat a healthy meal instead of ordering a pizza.

Where are you being courageous in your life?

Take some time, I bet you’re demonstrating more courage than you realize.

It takes courage for me to bare my journey. I haven’t always been this open. I spent a good part of my life hiding. There was no way I was going to let anyone see how scared I was, or how alone I felt. Nope, I’m fine, everything’s ok with me. Leave me alone.

The most courageous thing I ever did was to let somebody see me, really see me. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been courageous all my life. But the day I let my mask down was the first day I ever saw myself. And it broke my heart to see me so alone & sad. I didn’t want to feel that anymore. I was so tired of keeping up my walls. What I didn’t know then was I was keeping the walls up from me loving myself.


What I’ve learned & continue to learn is the more I look within myself, the more I set myself free from the lies I’ve believed about myself.

I have a vision. I see Courageous Bodacious Women all over the world gathering to share, support, be supported, be seen, to ask questions, to champion each other, to celebrate successes for the Brave action we take, to be curious, to play and to engage in creating new connections.

I would love for you to join us, we’ve already begun! Here’s the link to join the Facebook Group!


I can’t wait to meet you there!

What’s one thing in your life that you’ve been sitting on, waiting to find the courage to do or say?

What are you waiting for? I’M READY



Your courage has been with you all along.



Till next time.

Bodacious Beth

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Beth, a CPCC, champions women to uncover what’s beneath the stories they tell themselves that keep them living a life less than they desire.

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