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I wonder what it would feel like to live life without ever feeling the need to apologize in any way for who I am or what I do?

Does that just catch your breath or what?Freedom is calling

According to my blogging schedule, I’m to be writing about “Freedom is Calling.” Ok, honest moment; I was to write this 4 weeks ago. I haven’t felt free about the 4 lists of topics lining my office wall.

What is freedom anyway?

Yesterday, instead of ‘thinking’ about what I need to be doing or beating myself up for what I wasn’t doing, I created a Meetup Group called “BODACIOUS LIVING.” Here’s the link to join in person if you live in the Halifax, NS area. I would love to meet you. We’re getting together on June 4th!

Ok, back to freedom! The voice inside me that wanted to create connection spoke louder than the voice of what will others think, or that’s a stupid idea. I found freedom in the moment I created something my heart longs to grow.

So, who’s life am I living when I’m listening to all those voices that hold me back from being my Big, Bold, Bodacious self?

Clearly, not mine. The logical side of me says, ok, so stop listening to them! Snort! I do that on occasion now that I live on the east coast. I’m learning that there’s nothing logical about connecting with my free self.

Do you remember what it felt like when you were a little girl? Did you wake up & greet your day with wonder & curiosity?

13220822_10208663564282120_665139580800255366_nThe voices of “what are you thinking” or “you’ll look stupid if you do that” or “your too much”; none of those existed. You were free!

Can you feel that free little girl inside you?

What does she want you to know? My little girl is bursting at the seams to experience life again. I shut her down years ago when I started looking for approval & acceptance from others.

Here comes that logical thinking again. I’ll just conquer all those voices & be free again! Yay!! I wish life were like that, well maybe I don’t anymore.

Bodacious is described as “Bravery in Action.”

What I love about living a bodacious life, is I get to choose how & what my life looks like in every single minute. If I want to be connected to the world & others, those voices are going to exist. What I’m learning is instead of fighting & trying to ignore the voices, I can listen & choose not to let them speak for me. And, here’s the greatest gift I’ve learned to give myself. It’s not about perfection. What a relief that is! It’s a process.

Being brave isn’t about winning, it’s about waking up each morning & getting out of bed & doing over & doing new! You are the only person to answer to yourself for!

What is freedom to you?

Till next time!

Bodacious Beth


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Beth’s fiercely courageous life has been built on the premise of don’t settle. She is a survivor who has beaten the odds by taking charge of her own destiny.

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Beth, a CPCC, champions women to uncover what’s beneath the stories they tell themselves that keep them living a life less than they desire.

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