I see you, yes YOU!!

Becoming BODACIOUS (1)

STOP believing what you're thinking so you can START living the life you really want!

It's not what you're doing... It's what you're believing.

Becoming Bodacious is a 6 wk live coaching program for women READY to get unstuck and START living the life you really want!

WE begin October 2nd, 2019 at 6:00pm EST, online.


Becoming Bodacious means making your own choices, with confidence, speaking your truth. Defining your life on your terms. And, having WAY more fun!

Benefits you'll receive from participating in this 6 week live online program

You are NOT your thoughts. You are the one that's listening to them. Identify the voices that are preventing you from living your best life

Experience deep connection with yourself & a small group of women

Learn tools & techniques to move forward beyond your limiting beliefs

Reconnect to what matters to you and develop more self compassion and self care.

I've Been Where You Are

I spent so much of my life telling myself the same things over and over again. “Work harder, do more, be more” I would exhaust myself trying to figure out who I thought everyone needed me to be.

I had it all. I was the founder of a successful company, with a 6-figure career. I was wildly sought after for my expertise in creating outrageous 3-dimensional advertising campaigns internationally. I loved what I did. I got to be creative every single day. The busier I was, the better I felt about myself.

BUT, I wasn't happy. All I did was work. I kept telling myself, if I could just grow the company, get more work, be more, do more, then I'll really be successful and have everything I want.

If I could just control and figure everything out, then my life would be amazing.  

The struggle was real. It's crazy how my inner world had so much control over me, well, I'll be honest here, I give it that control. It's a habit that I've had years to perfect. (haha!) That damn perfection again.

I had to learn I wasn't all the thoughts I'd been listening to my entire life.

In 2014 I sold my house in Toronto, ready to move to a smaller community. I got sidetracked by the ocean & decided to spend 8 months living by the sea. That led me to selling all my possessions. I wanted to travel lighter in life. I packed my cat, Brutus, in the car & we drove to Nova Scotia. I'm still here loving the life that I'm creating.

This is my Bodacious life! And I'm passionate about guiding women to Becoming Bodacious.

Becoming Bodacious - Give me the details

6 weekly live group calls on our online Zoom meeting platform  (VALUE $1,200)

Wednesday Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30th & Nov. 6th at 6:00pm - 8:00pm Eastern

A private Facebook group where we'll support, share stories and hold each other accountable.

Connection with women to lean into, learn from and champion

Two private 1-hour coaching sessions with Master Coach Beth (VALUE $400)

Your investment $497.00 Cdn

BONUS: An additional 90 minute private session for the first 4 women that register! (VALUE $300)

Weekly themes:

Week 1 - The future starts here

Week 2 - Why we do what we do & what to do about it

Week 3 - The power of creativity

Week 4 - The power of self-compassion

Week 5 - Moving into your future by leaving the past behind

Week 6 - Celebrate your Becoming Bodacious!


"To say my path has changed is an understatement. Each week Beth guided a small group of Women through a powerful journey of self discovery exposing the voices that play on our psyche and prevent us from living our best lives. We were given weekly homework/guidance and a new theme each week that flowed in an organized manner. Beth was a safe and compassionate conduit that allowed us to discuss our relationships with our non nurturing voices in a non judgemental environment. Thanks to who's talking I can determine what and whose voice is at play and utilize tools and techniques learned to quell them when necessary. I feel privileged to have been part of such a powerful group under Beth's guidance."

Seanne Meldrum

Beth created a wonderful program to help women look at the issue of self-care, what is it, how to do it, how to differentiate between self-care and self-indulgence, what gets in the way and why we need it. Beth is gifted at creating a safe space to examine these issues. Her visualizations allowed me to get in touch with a joyful, fun loving part of myself that I had forgotten about and how to access it going forward. In the safe space she created, a wonderful thing happened. As the women were sharing each one of us could see ourselves in that sharing. There was a universal connection which was bigger than ourselves. This made it a very enriching experience. I would highly recommend the program for any woman examining this aspect of self.

Jennifer Carter

Even as someone who has run a wellness retreat for women focused on self-care for the past 16 years, I found this series so helpful.  The gift we give ourselves to focus on our personal needs is crucial especially as women who dedicate much of our lives serving others.  Beth’s warmth and skill at drawing out the important gems from deep within made it a safe yet deep experience.  She ensured that all participants had the space they needed to process their  unique self-care needs, identify limitations, and develop a plan to maintain the momentum.

Louise Racine - Thirteen Moons

Participating in the workshop with Beth was a wonderful experience. I gained a better sense of what self care means to me and the benefits of a daily self care practice. The weekly calls held me accountable to check in and helped to discover the tools I need to recover when I am feeling disconnected and in need of rebalancing.  I would recommend this workshop to all women looking to connect with like minded women.

Ann Lajeunesse

"I participated in Beth's six week "Who's Talking" group program which helps women address the sabotaging voices in their mind that hold us back from living fully engaged with life. I can truly say that Beth is masterful in guiding participants beyond limited thinking to a more expansive and joyful way of being."

Sandra Briand

Your Bodacious life is calling!

Who's Beth?

Beth is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, motivational speaker and a Wonder Woman. She champions women to uncover what’s beneath the stories they tell themselves that keep them living a life less than they desire.


A 6-week online program for women READY to STOP believing everything they’re thinking.

 If you'd like to speak with me to see if this program is right for you, please click on the 'Bodacious Conversation' link. This is a free call with no obligation to buy. I'd be happy to help you identify a limiting belief & offer a solution to change it.

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