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  • You’re exhausted from following so many gurus and online A-listers.
  • You’ve read so many self-help books that claimed to have all the answers.

And yet, that “something” you’re chasing still feels as elusive as love at first sight.

My name is Beth McKay and I coach women who are stuck in the never-ending story of over achieving.

I’m going to give you the space to pause; remove the labels & partner with you to quell the incessant busyness that’s driving your life.

Let’s pave the way to conquering the myth that ‘success’ is the answer to everything.

It would be my honour to join you.

Are you ready? Let’s do this your way!

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about Beth

Beth’s fiercely courageous life has been built on the premise of don’t settle. She is a survivor who has beaten the odds by taking charge of her own destiny.

From finance, to film, to successful entrepreneur, Beth has always lived life driven by her own rules. Her innate ability to make things happen & ‘get it done’ has lead her to founding “The Bodacious Way.”

Beth, a CPCC, champions women to uncover what’s beneath the stories they tell themselves that keep them living a life less than they desire.

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